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Let's explore how Film Forward can help your team cultivate a workplace that works for everyone. 


Film Forward is an experiential learning platform for a dynamic, creative and diverse workforce. Our learning journeys are built around award winning short films from around the world, which is why they have a 3x engagement and completion rate over existing learning platforms. All of our programs are built to increase psychological safety - the individual, team and organizational aptitudes that drive innovation and equitable company culture.

How it works

Boring training doesn't drive 
innovation and belonging. 

Film Forward does.

“Film Forward has been the highest impact learning solution in my career, especially around topics that are arguably the most difficult to address. I find the combination of film, self-paced reflection and expert facilitation to be the right mix to ensure learning not only happens, but sticks."

Jen Fox

Director of People and Culture, Justworks

Daisy Auger -Dominguez

"Whether you’re just starting out on a diversity, equity and inclusion journey for your organization or have been working on it for years, Film Forward offers a rich, challenging and actionable learning experience like no other."

Chief People Officer, VICE 

Board Member, Planned Parenthood

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Participants watch curated short films, answer open ended reflection questions, and receive actionable next steps to reinforce learning.

Facilitated discussions connect conceptual frameworks to real world and workplace experiences, creating powerful opportunities to build connections and increase belonging.

Actionable executive insights synthesize qualitative psychological safety measurements with qualitative participant reflections to drive better organizational investments, policies, and practices.


Let's get started!

Why it works

Psychological safety is the #1 predictor of high performance teams. It's how trust is operationalized in an organization. Film Forward makes it possible to measure and increase psychological safety with impactful programming, measurable learning outcomes, and tailored insights that create true innovation and belonging. And it's actually fun! By the end of their first program, 93% of learners report positive inclusive behavior change and 100% of leaders have implemented changes based on our executive insights. 

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