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Film Forward was built on the shoulders of giants. Read what we learned from dozens of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion leaders.

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Inclusive workplace culture is not built, it’s cultivated.

Film Forward is a first-of-its-kind inclusive workplace culture program built around film. Our tailored three-month module on racial justice uses our library of movies to unpack the effects of structural racism on the workplace. The program is a unique tool to explore the experience of racial injustice without putting pressure on Black and Indigenous employees to educate their white colleagues. Employees gain the tools to understand how structural racism has led to the current civil rights movement, and are encouraged to nurture their power to make individual and collective change. 

Through Film Forward's signature elements, employees will engage in a regular practice of building empathy through story. Each month, participants watch an award-winning short film, engage in personal reflections and expand individual knowledge through cultural literacy. A facilitated virtual conversation connects learnings to the workplace and encourages actions that bring lasting structural change.

Film Forward's Racial Justice program can be presented standalone or as a kickoff to our signature year-long program, for companies that want to continue the equity journey.

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For most of the past decade, Seed&Spark has cultivated equity and inclusion in entertainment, building an unprecedented pipeline of stories from unique perspectives told by people around the world. 

Now, we're putting those stories to work. Leveraging this exceptional content library, we've created a first-of-its-kind inclusive workplace culture program built around film. We help your organization implement, execute and measure a sustainable practice to cultivate a workplace that works for everyone.

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