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Connect with our team to explore how Film Forward can help your team cultivate a workplace that works for everyone.

  • 100% of DEI leaders at client companies report gaining essential insights from employee data and implement employee-suggested inclusive actions within three months of starting Film Forward 

  • Clients report 2x-5x increase in employee participation compared to previous culture and diversity programs 

  • 76% of employee participants begin self-reporting positive inclusive behavior change by month two of Film Forward 

  • Employees build a shared cultural fluency across teams and geographies with clear frameworks and behaviors to live the company’s values every day 

Leverage the transformational power of film to build a thriving, inclusive workplace.

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Film Forward is an experiential learning platform that activates a powerful combination of research and expertise across storytelling, data science, education, and corporate training. What differentiates Film Forward is the dynamic curriculum and closed-loop approach which allows employees to gain new skills and executives to gather key strategic monthly insights. 

The combination of employee skills and leadership insights drive better organizational decision making and resilience, more effective investments in company culture, greater employee trust in leadership, and a true sense of belonging.

Delivering tangible outcomes.

Ready to move beyond those boring corporate training videos and use real films to create real change in your organization?

“I've seen Film Forward transform the way that leaders think about issues of race, and how they think about learning in the workplace. The program has built empathy, ability to discuss difficult and nuanced topics, and helped build confidence in our leadership."

Aubrey Blanche

Head of Equitable Design, Culture Amp

Daisy Auger -Dominguez

"Whether you’re just starting out on a diversity, equity and inclusion journey for your organization or have been working on it for years, Film Forward offers a rich, challenging and actionable learning experience like no other."

Chief People Officer, VICE 

Board Member, Planned Parenthood

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