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Connect with our team to explore how Film Forward can help your team cultivate a workplace that works for everyone.

Film Forward drives measurable outcomes through storytelling.

Each month participants watch an award-winning short film, engage in personal reflections, and learn essential terms, tools and practices for inclusive soft skills. We convene your team monthly or quarterly for a facilitated virtual conversation that puts what they’re learning individually into practice in the workplace.

With your subscription to Film Forward, your company receives a custom virtual platform, outcomes-based monthly reporting, strategic insights and expert facilitation—augmenting each step of an overall workplace inclusion strategy. 

Soft skills training 

through the lens 

of inclusion.

Learn more.

For most of the past decade Seed&Spark has cultivated equity and inclusion in entertainment through our national education programs and crowdfunding engine. This has allowed us to build an unprecedented pipeline of films telling unique stories from around the world. 

Now we're putting those stories to work. Leveraging our exceptional content library, Film Forward is a first-of-its-kind soft skills training platform and program built around a truly diverse slate of short films. We help your organization implement, execute and measure a sustainable practice to cultivate a more inclusive and productive workplace.

Watch. Engage. Change.  Measure. Repeat.

  • On-going monthly soft-skills training for teams and leaders
  • Single-session intensive workshops or board retreats
  • Cultural events with high profile feature films
  • 3-month racial justice intensive
  • 6-month or year-long equity journey 

Launch Film Forward in a way that meets your current L&D/DEI needs.


Ready to move beyond those boring corporate training videos and use real films to create real change in your organization?