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Connect with our team to explore how Film Forward can help your team cultivate a workplace that works for everyone.

Film Forward engages employees in a process for building a more inclusive, resilient, and effective organization in just one hour per month.

As ongoing programs build an inclusive framework across the organization, your leadership team will receive a monthly report synthesizing the activity inside the platform — measuring employee engagement, progress in skills aptitude, and psychological safety. These reports deliver key qualitative and quantitative insights that can drive continued success of your learning and development programs, hiring practices, policies, benefits, business strategy, and investment in company culture.

Cinematic learning experiences for the workplace.

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Film Forward is a platform that delivers cinematic learning experiences into the workplace for employee engagement, development, and intelligence. Each month employees watch exceptional short films, move through guided reflections, and receive actionable steps to improve workplace communication and culture.

We also layer on expert-facilitated conversations to build foundational inclusion skills and increase psychological safety, and deliver back deep data insights to your leadership team that drive organizational adaptability and growth. 

Deep engagement: Meaningful actions and insights

  • 12+ month ongoing equity journey
  • 6-month leadership journey
  • 3-month intensive
  • Leadership development, corporate off-sites or board retreats

Launch Film Forward in a way that meets your current L&D/DEI needs.


Ready to move beyond those boring corporate training videos and use real films to create real change in your organization?