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Film Forward was built on the shoulders of giants. Read what we learned from dozens of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion leaders.

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Inclusive workplace culture is not built, it’s cultivated.

Implicit bias is the lens through which a person looks at the world, primed over a lifetime by family, community, culture and then deeply engrained by media. Because these biases are being constantly reinforced outside the workplace, they can’t be unlearned in a two-hour workshop or a team-building weekend.

That’s why we built Film Forward as a practice that breaks employees out of their work mindset,  just long enough to engage, reflect and take away fresh perspectives on a consistent basis. The program trains employees to develop soft skills such as active listening, interpersonal communication and inclusive decision-making in about 30 minutes per month.

The customized curriculum pairs intersectional, award-winning film with educational modules to deepen learning around key terms and concepts that allow every employee to engage in fostering an inclusive workplace.

Cultivate a workplace that works for everyone, one story at a time.

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For most of the past decade, Seed&Spark has cultivated equity and inclusion in entertainment, building an unprecedented pipeline of stories from unique perspectives told by people around the world. 

Now, we're putting those stories to work. Leveraging this exceptional content library, we've created a first-of-its-kind inclusive workplace culture program built around film. We help your organization implement, execute and measure a sustainable practice to cultivate a workplace that works for everyone.

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